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The Bulgarian-made hydraulic presses offered by EIM-Trade Ltd. are manufactured by Vaptech – a global, export-driven Bulgarian company with a 100 year history. The presses are ISO 9001 and CE certified. The presses offered by EIM-Trade Ltd. are ranging from 800 to 2500 kN (90 to 280 tons-force) in nominal force and the stroke is adjustable, supporting manual, single and automatic stroke modes. The hydraulic presses have a sturdy, heat-treated welded steel structure, an eccentric mechanism with forged steel eccentric shaft and bushing which allows for more than 30 different pre-set stroke lengths, cast-iron flywheels, helical gears, centralized automatic lubrication, balancing cylinders for the slide, electronic control panels, frequency control of the motor for speed variation, stroke counter for pre-selecting the desired strokes, touchscreen controls, photocell barrier guard, anti-vibration pads, bolster plate with T-slots according to the customer's requirements and numerous other features that make these Bulgarian-made presses a serious offer for international customers seeking durability, high precision and reliability at competitive price.

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