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EMI Jsc Silistra

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The company " EMI " PLC Silistra has been established in the year 1971 of initial subject of activities the designing and manufacturing of children toys. During essential time period the enterprise has been one of the biggest in this field of the light industry.

Tool equipping is developed in the year 1992 at the factory and a new production is started of wide nomenclature of electric connectors and switches with the trade mark CHAKON - BELGIUM Up to 2000 the production is mainly for EMI PLC together with the production for atomizers forms , punches, pressing forms and other tool equipping.

 Since 2000 a team has been selected at the company of leading personnel, engineering staff, specialists and workers of large experience in the field of mechanical engineering and more over in the designing, construction and working out of band sawing machines for metal. The company is located onto area of 26000 m. sq., from them over 10000 m. sq. are closed production departments, storages and auxiliary rooms. EMI PLC is 100% private undertaking, equipped by all required technological machines and units for the manufacturing of band sawing machines. The production range includes over 15 models of machines of the type sizes 300, 420, 500, 800 , what find a good accept at the internal and external market.

Manual band saw cutting machines

Semi-Automatic band saw cutting machines

Automatic band saw cutting machines

Vertical band saw cutting machines

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