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Grinders Producing Plant JSC

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The Joint - Stock Company "Grinders Producing Plant" is established in 1968 in the town of Assenovgrad. At the beginning of it existence the firm was specialized in manufacturing of sharpening machines for machine - tools and gradually implanted the first models of grinding machines. In 1974 the was realized first export of  a grinding machine abroad.

During the period of its development, the firm is masters the following machine models:

 Surface Grinding Universal with hydromechanical control;
 Surface Grinding with Numerical Program Control (CNC);
 Cylindrical Grinding with hydromechanical control;
 Cylindrical Grinding with CNC;
 Special Grinding Machines working centers, automated unify etc. with CNC and for more in automatic lines, together with robots;
 Woodworking machines;

The production of  "Grinders Producing Plant" JSC is well - known in many countries like: Russia, Turkey, Peru, Greece, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Austria, Germany, Poland, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan etc.
Since 1993 "Grinders Producing Plant" JSC has worked together with firms from Germany in the manufacturing of details and  aggregates.  There is service activity, as well as repairs of different kinds of metalworking machines.

Flat-grinding machines

Cylindrical grinding machines

CNC grinding machines

Special grinding machines

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