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Automatic horizontal bandsaws are capable of performing several operations simultaneously without relying on raw muscle manpower. Automatic bandsaws are used for fast cuts in hard materials, like metals in large-scale manufacturing. These bansaws are capable of automatically performing material feed, frame lifting and frame dropping with preset workstep. Automatic bandsaws are not always equipped with automatic feed mechanism, but such devices are of great advantage when processing large batches of the same workpiece. A drawback of automatic feed bandsaws is that cutting is only possible at a 90 degree angle, while machines without automatic feed are capable of performing cuts at various other angles. Automatic bandsaws without automatic feed are equipped with supports allowing precise cuts of materials in serial production.

All automatic bansaws are equipped with cooling systems, brushing systems, separate motor drives and other automation devices that allow long work intervals without pauses or breaks.The worker operating an automatic bandsaw needs only to feed material to the machine, which automatically does the up and down strokes with a preset frequency. In case of an automatic feed equipped bandsaws, the worker has only to load the materials and start the cutting program - the machine does all the rest.

The Bulgarian-made automatic horizontal bandsaws offered by EIM Trade Ltd. have a wide range of diversity, optional characteristics and highly competitive price to quality ratios that can satisfy your needs and requirements.


Automatic band saw cutting machines

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