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Manual horizontal bandsaws are simple, inexpensive, but highly reliable machines that can cut various materials. Due to their low automation, manual bandsaws are very easy to maintain and have low costs. Manual horizontal bandsaws are generally equipped with hydraulics for lifting the frame with the exception of the smallest models, that don't require so much force.

The manual horizontal bandsaws are capable of adequate workspeed at moderate workloads. Sawblade speed is seamlessly adjustable with variable continuos controls. Manual horizontal bandsaws allow adjusting of the cut at 45 to 90 degree angles. The high cutting quality is achieved by dropping the frame with the help of a hydraulic cyllinder and a throttle check valve, which allow keeping a stable pressure of the sawblade at the workpiece. Manual horizontal bandsaws are equipped wth cooling systems allowing for longer work intervals.

In view of this, if you need a low-priced, reliable bandsaw machine in a small enterpize with low to moderate workloads, the manual horizontal bandsaws are an excellent choice.



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