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RV 501.24

RV 501.24 is a Bulgarian-made CNC vertical milling center manufactured by ZMM Metalik. It has solid single cast column and body made of cast-iron and hardened steel guideways. The machine is highly versatile offering a 24 piece tool magazine or a 30 piece one as an option. The column is a prismoid casting mounted at the rear of the machine, ribbed so as to minimize vibrations and optimize precision machining - the guideways for vertical movement are finely ground and mounted on the column. RV 501 have a hydraulic balancing device for the vertical movement and and DC servo motors for the X, Y and Z feeds. The machine is powered by a 11kW DC motor or 15kW optional with infinitely variable speed range from 6 to 3500 rpm with optional speeds of 4 to 4200 or 4 to 4500 rpm. The machine is highly durable and capable of precision machining of up to 0.01mm positioning precision (with optional optical scales) and 0.007mm repeatability. It is CE manufactured according to ISO 9001:1994 standard and has been successfully exported in many countries around the globe.


ZMM Metalik

ZMM Metalik

Technical specification of RV 501.24

Technical dataDim.Value
Work table size mm 500x1250
Maximal weight of workpiece kg 1000
Maximal axial traverse, axes XxYxZ mm 800x500x650 (1120x500x650)
Machine capacity - steel milling output cm3/min 500
Distance from table top to spindle nose min/max mm 111/762
Distance from spindle nose to Z guideways mm 515
Distance from table top to floor mm 900
T-slots DIN 650 at X-axis pcs. 4
Width of T-slots mm 18
Distance between T-slots mm 125 +/- 0.06
1 centered pilot T-slot   18 H7
Positioning accuracy to VDI/DGQ 3441 mm 0.025
Positioning accuracy with optional optical scales mm 0.01
Repeatability mm 0.015
Repeatability with optional optical scales mm 0.007
CNC system type Fanuc 0i Mate; Siemens 802D
Continuous feed
Feed rate mm/min 1-8000
Rapid traverse m/min 10
Maximal feed force kN 22
Spindle nose taper ISO 50
Number of spindle gears pcs. 2
Range of motor revolutions Min-1 6-3500 (6-4200)
Maximal torque Nm 586
Tool magazine capacity pcs. 24 (30-optional)
Maximal tool weight kg 20
Maximal tool length mm 300
Maximal diameter of two tools in neighboring sockets mm 100
Maximal tool diameter when both neighboring sockets are empty mm 160
Average tool change time sec. 8
Motor power kW 11 (15)
Total required power kW 25
Power supply V 380 @ 50Hz three phase
Weight kg 7000
Size with an 800x500 table mm 2900x2400x3395

 Optional features

Work table sized 1250x500mm; Tool magazine for 30 pieces, Maximal axis traverse 1120x500x650; Stepless main drive with 7-4200 or 7-4500 rpm; optical scales.